Keppoch nursery training session with North Glasgow Homes

Play on Pedals delivered a training session with nursery staff, volunteers and parents from around Possil Park area of Glasgow last week, through our new pilot Hero Organisation North Glasgow Homes.

There was a fantastic engagement from local parents who are keen to train as Instructors and be able to support North Glasgow Homes to deliver the Play on Pedals programme to children.

We had fun getting parents back on bikes after years out of the saddle in order for them to practice the games they will be instructing children to play. We were also lucky enough to have a trained mechanic join us as one of the participants, which gave him the opportunity to deliver some of the technical parts of the training, including the safety ‘M’ check.


In the afternoon, participants divided into pairs and delivered a session to groups of different children, practising putting on helmets and adjusting seat posts.


Participants enjoyed the course and gave some great feedback at the end of the session, here are some of the responses when asked to give a high from the day:

‘The enjoyment of the kids faces when they have learned something new’

‘Learning different techniques for teaching the kids’

‘Seeing how many different kids are at different levels’

And one low:

‘Seeing a kid’s frustration when they want to go a bike and they can’t’

Check out loads of photos taken on the day, at the ng2 facebook page

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