Parents session at Sighthill Nursery

Earlier this month, Play on Pedals and the Glasgow Bike Station visited Sighthill Nursery to talk with parents about the project.

We sat down with five parents and their children and played the ‘Naming the Parts’ game to introduce them to the balance and pedal bikes that their children have been using in the nursery.

sighthill nursery parent sesssino

Many of the children were very good at identifying the parts as well as talking about safety and wearing a helmet.

Cole then talked the parents through how to carry out a basic bike safety check to make sure the bikes they use at home are safe and fit for riding.

Two brave mums then successfully tackled removing a pedal from the bike, to demonstrate how easy it is to transform your bike for children who cannot yet use pedals.

It was great to see such a good turn out from parents and also such enthusiasm from the staff and headteacher at Sighthill Nursery. The nursery has increased its intake of new children from surrounding nurseries, including the now-closed down Springburn, which was also participating in Play on Pedals; we are excited to see how Play on Pedals will develop with these new families over the coming months.

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