What is a “drop-in” session?

The Play on Pedals partnership recently announced their latest drop-in sessions for Glasgow.  This brings up the question, “What exactly is a drop-in session?!”.

A drop-in session is a one-off event which usually runs for 2 hours.  Bikes and helmets are provided and the sessions are free.  At a session, your child will be supported to have fun learning to ride a bike.  Children begin on a balance bike and learn how to “scoot” and then progress onto a pedal bike.  The sessions are delivered by fully trained and experienced Play on Pedals instructors and you can come along to as many as you want!  You don’t have to attend the full session and you can “drop-in” any time within the session.

Sessions are aimed at children age 5 and under although our Play on Pedals instructors will happily help older children to learn to ride too.  For older children we ask that you bring a working bike with you (two working brakes are essential!) as the bikes we provide are sized for children 5 and under.

The emphasis is on fun and the sessions are delivered at a pace to suit your child.

Details of all sessions can be found on our events page as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

Drop-in and play on those pedals!

One thought on “What is a “drop-in” session?

  1. hi there. looking for some advise please. i have recently (last yr) done the training to become an instructor in my nursery. (dundee city council)
    we are now looking at ways to involve our parents and also enclude more kids. we only have 4 balance bikes at the moment and have limited time allocated to do the training. i know i would need to do additional training to then train more staff members. do i also need more training to do a drol in session like the one mentioned here?

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