Help us to make a Play Together on Pedals book!

Are you a children’s book author or illustrator? If so, we need your help!

Play Together on Pedals is a preschool and family cycling project, encouraging families to get active through enjoying the fun and freedom of cycling together.

It was designed as a sustainable project to break down the barriers young people face to participating in physical activity and to support children and families to enjoy and gain confidence through cycling.

We recognise that cycling can provide a means of independence, an opportunity to develop new skills and a low-cost way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It has both physical and mental health benefits, is sustainable, inclusive and fun; by engaging children and their families in cycling, Play Together on Pedals aims to have a transformational effect on future generations across Scotland.

We are facing a climate emergency, and our efforts to get more people on bikes are now more vital than ever. We want to reach even more people, and we’re looking for your help to do it.

Our team have noticed that there is a lack of books for young children that feature children riding bikes for everyday travel. It is much easier to find books for young children featuring cars, trucks, aeroplanes, buses and trains. There are books that show animals riding bikes, and books about racing bikes, but we want to show young children and their families that cycling is for them; to reinforce the message of our Play Together on Pedals project. We’re holding a competition – send us your idea for a book aimed at under-5s to promote cycling as a fun, everyday activity for children and families.

Send us an outline of your story (max. 500 words), or if you’re an illustrator, send us examples that you think would work in this context. We’d also like to hear why you think we should pick you – please include a brief paragraph explaining why you are the best person for this job.

The winners will be awarded a prize of £1000 each and invited to create a book which will be published by Play Together on Pedals and distributed across Scotland. We want to make a square 8.5×8.5in (217x217mm) book with 32 pages; the story should feature bikes prominently, but they don’t need to be the main focus.

We particularly welcome entries from women, BAME people, and people on lower incomes.

Deadline for entries is Friday 6 March 2020. Please email submissions and queries to:

Play Together on Pedals is a partnership between Cycling UK, Cycling Scotland and Play Scotland.

3 thoughts on “Help us to make a Play Together on Pedals book!

  1. Assuming this book is aimed at the UK market, I think you meant to write “aeroplanes” and not “airplanes” in the description above.

  2. What a fantastic idea! I myself have four bikes. Including my Grifter from when I was nine years old! And my son has two and step daughter also two. We are definitely a bike family. I’d love to be considered for this project. My name is Tim Stead and I’m an Author & Illustrator of children’s books. Please do take a look at my website and my Twitter account (steady333) to see wether or not you’d like to find out more about my work. I’ll post a cycle illustration I did a few years back for you to consider. Many Thanks Tim Stead.

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