What is Play Together on Pedals?

Play Together on Pedals delivers booked sessions throughout Glasgow, some people may remember these as our drop-in sessions. Following lockdown the decision was made for the regular sessions to remain bookable to ensure space and resources for each individual who attends. Our one off events will remain drop-in!

Our sessions run for 50 minutes each and are bookable through an Eventbrite link sent to parents on our waiting list.  Bikes and helmets are provided and the sessions are free.  At a session, your child will be supported to have fun learning to ride a bike.  Children begin on a balance bike and learn how to “scoot” and then progress onto a pedal bike.  The sessions are delivered by fully trained and experienced Play on Pedals instructors and you can come along to as many as you want! 

Sessions are aimed at children age 6 and under although our Play on Pedals instructors will happily help older children to learn to ride too.  For older children we will be starting a 6+ session in the near future.

The emphasis is on fun and the sessions are delivered at a pace to suit your child.

Details of all sessions can be found on our events page as well as on Facebook.

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