Daisy Chain Crossreach first drop-in session

Today we held our first session with CrossReach Daisy Chain Early Years Project in Govanhill. We’ve recently trained two staff members and a volunteer from the Crossreach project as Instructors and today Glasgow Bike Station delivered a new set of Play on Pedals bikes and tools so that they can start their drop-in sessions with local Govanhill families.

Kenny delivers Daisy Chain Crossreach Project’s first Play on Pedals session

We had three fantastic girls join us this morning – all of whom were getting on bikes for the very first time! This wee one is only 2 years old and really keen, with great grasp of some of the names of the parts of bikes – using the words ‘bike’, ‘squeeze’, ‘chair’ and ‘white’ cones.

Two of the girls were a little apprehensive about wearing a helmet so instead of getting on the bikes, we played games and sang songs while walking around pushing our bikes. We turned on the flashing lights on the helmets and tried out just placing our helmets on our heads without clipping them up. We also practiced just sitting on the bikes and getting used to how it feels holding onto the handlebars.

Within thirty minutes or so, the two girls were approaching the bikes and expressing interest in getting on them and exploring with them. This is a great start to feeling comfortable with the bikes and next time the girls will no doubt have more confidence in the sessions.

The mums who joined the session were also fantastic, supporting their children to have a go and understanding that giving the girls a bit of their own space, not holding the handlebars for them for example, helps them develop their own balance and test their movement. The great thing about balance bikes is that the children can always put their feet down to stop themselves wobbling over and adjust balance.

The team at Daisy Chain Crossreach have exciting ideas about moving forward with Play on Pedals with young people in Govanhill and we are really happy to be working with them.

Thanks to players of People’s Postcode Lottery for supporting Play on Pedals!

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