Eastwood Nursery bike donation

So much fantastic news to share with you at the moment.

Today Play on Pedals Hero Organisation South West Community Cycles and Polly from Play on Pedals visited Eastwood Nursery in the south of Glasgow to carry out a Dr Bike session and talk to parents.

We had expected to fix a few children’s bikes and talk to some parents about the programme, however we did not expect this…Charlotte Gorman, mother of Indi at the nursery, recently took it upon herself to write on lots of local forums to request any unwanted children’s bikes and received over 6 replies within the first hour!

She has since gone around to people’s homes and collected a total of 11 unwanted children’s bikes to donate to Eastwood Nursery!

PlayonPedals Eastwood nursery
Indi’s mum Charlotte, nursery Instructor Pamela and SWCC’s Victoria with some of the bikes Charlotte has collected from donations

What a BRILLIANT idea and FANTASTIC effort from Charlotte, we are super super impressed!

Eastwood trained staff member Pamela Mooney is now 4 sessions into her training with the Play on Pedals bikes and this donation from Charlotte means that she will have a great range of bikes to continue to train the children when the Play on Pedals bikes are rotated elsewhere.

Eastwood nursery
Play on Pedals bikes ready for Pamela’s afternoon session with children

Today mechanics from South West Community Cycles have carried out safety checks on all the bikes, as well as other bikes brought in by parents, and have converted some of these bikes into balance ones for taller children.

Paul and Victoria from SWCC servicing another bike at Eastwood Nursery

While we were there we also had the pleasure of observing Pamela carry out a sessions with three of the children – they were practicing their gliding and doing a fab job! Victoria from SWCC will be paying them a visit in the coming weeks to see how they are getting on and offer some more tips for training.

Our Dr Bike sessions across South Glasgow with SWCC have been going really well so far, earlier in the month we also visited Pollok Children’s Centre where we spoke with over 10 parents about the programme and encouraged them to get out on their bikes with their kids (minus the stabilisers!) at the weekend.

Next week we will be at Woodacre Nursery where no doubt we’ll have some good chats with families too.

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