Introducing Charlotte!

I would like to introduce Charlotte Slaymark as our new Play on Pedals Development Officer. Charlotte will be job sharing the role with me for the coming year, as I am now part time to allow me to complete other studying.

I am working Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on a normal week and Charlotte is working Mondays and Tuesdays. She will be mainly responsible for the events and logistics of the project, including bike deliveries. We are really excited to have her on board and supporting Play on Pedals to reach even more children in Glasgow in the coming year.

Here’s a little bit of introduction from Charlotte:

My name is Charlotte Slaymark and I have just started as a Development Officer for Play on Pedals. I will be job sharing with Polly. I have lived in Glasgow for eight years and love cycling as a means of getting around and recreation. I had previously been working as Cycle Training Coordinator at the Glasgow Bike Station, one of the projects partners, and look forward to working all the partners to lead Play on Pedals into the summer. I have a lot of experience providing cycle training to organisations and individuals. I will be managing a lot of the logistics of the project and also a jam-packed programme of events throughout summer for Glasgow’s pre-schoolers (fingers crossed for some sunny days!). Polly and I plan to be very busy across summer and into autumn to give all of Glasgow’s under 5’s the opportunity to learn to cycle.

Charlotte can be contacted on and on 07785 601612.

Charlotte Slaymark

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