Play on Pedals – upcoming sessions and our hero organisations

The Play on Pedals Partnership recently announced our new drop-in sessions events!  This is very exciting for us and wouldn’t be possible without the support of our hero organisations and other groups.  Here is a little bit about the groups we are working with over the coming months and how they support Play on Pedals:

Dumbarton Road Corridor Environment Trust, Scotstoun

Dumbarton Road Corridor Environment Trust (DRCET) delivers a range of environmental projects and services across the west of Glasgow and beyond. DRCET protects and enhances the local environment and increases the well-being and resilience of local people and communities it works with.

DRCET has been recognised as a Super Hero Organisation. They are able to offer support and guidance to local nurseries on sourcing bikes, getting bikes maintained and other Play on Pedals sessions running in Glasgow.

De’ils on Wheels in Scotstoun is a community bike workshop. It sells affordable reused bikes and spare parts, services and repairs bikes, promotes and encourages cycling and offers a range of cycling skills development services. De’ils On Wheels is a Revolve accredited reuse organisation and a project of Dumbarton Road Corridor Environment Trust (DRCET).

De’ils On Wheels is delighted to be a Play On Pedals hero organisation and to be working closely with the nurseries in the west of Glasgow to make sure every child gets the chance to learn to cycle.  De’ils on Wheels are able to offer support and guidance on bike maintenance and are very supportive of the Play on Pedals drop-in sessions

Kinning Park Complex is an independent multi-use community centre. Run by the community since they had to step in to prevent closure of the facility by the local Council in 1996.  KPC maintains and rents out halls, meeting rooms, studios and office spaces at affordable prices where people and groups can put their ideas into action.

KPC also manages community development projects in the local area. Projects include bike building and gardening as well as cooking.

KPC are able to offer support with bike maintenance at their regular bike mechanic drop in sessions, bike loans to local nurseries of their Play on Pedals bike fleet as well as running Play on Pedals drop-in sessions and their own, in house, cycle sessions.

The Urban Fox Programme, Parkhead, is a voluntary managed project, providing young people within the East End of Glasgow with a wide range of educational and diversionary activities. These include supervised sports and leisure programmes, health and social education guidance programmes, IT training, as well as many other structured learning programmes.

All these programmes are all designed to provide young people with the skills and confidence to make positive decisions about the issues and influences they may face growing up in the East End. Through attendance at the many available Urban Fox Programme initiatives, the programme aims to promote self-development and to raise self-esteem in it’s young members.

Urban Fox works closely to support local nurseries and offers advice and guidance on bike maintenance.  Urban Fox has also been running Play on Pedals drop-in sessions and has their own fleet of Play on Pedals bikes.

FREE WHEEL NORTH is a cycling development charity based in Glasgow Green, providing services including special needs and inclusive cycling, social rides for all ages, teaching of beginners, campaigning and outreach events.

Play on Pedals runs drop-in sessions at Free Wheel North and Free Wheel North have a large fleet of Play on Pedals bikes which can be loaned to local nurseries if needed.

FWN are involved in many cycling projects and can offer advice on getting back into cycling, where to find suitable cycle routes, bike maintenance and how to get the most out of cycling with friends and family.  They also won the Community Project of the Year Award for 2017!

We are also supported by Glasgow Life and Glasgow Sport in using their facilities at Scotstoun – this is very generous of them and sessions in Scotstoun are always very well attended!

A huge thank you goes to our hero organisations and other groups we work with!

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