Play on Pedals Training Courses

Play on Pedals offers three different training opportunities:

1. Play on Pedals Maintenance training

Bike for Good offers a half day basic bike maintenance and bike safety course. The certificate covers aspects of bike maintenance up to and beyond the Blue Award given through Velotech.

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Identify and name parts of the bicycle
  • Identify which parts to lubricate and what lubricant to use
  • Remove and re-fit a quick-release wheel in a bicycle
  • Inflate a tyre to its recommended PSI and demonstrate the ability to do this on 3 alternative valves
  • Repair a puncture – remove the tyre from a wheel, repair and replace the inner tube.
  • Adjust a brakes tension using the barrel adjuster
  • Identify brake pad wear and replace a pair of pads
  • Remove and replace pedals
  • Adjust the gear tension using the barrel adjuster.

Please contact Bike for Good directly for information about this course.

2. Play on Pedals Instructor training

The Play on Pedals Instructor training course is a full day course aimed at early years practitioners or adults with experience with preschoolers. Play on Pedals Instructors are expected to take their learning back to a group of preschoolers and train them to ride bikes.

The course has been developed as a resource that links into the national Bikeability Scotland training programme, delivered and certified by Cycling Scotland.

The Play on Pedals Instructor course covers:

  • Getting to know your bike – naming the parts
  • How to carry out a basic bike safety check
  • Fitting helmets and adjusting seats
  • Carrying out a risk assessment
  • Learning Play on Pedals games (practical session on adult bikes)
  • Planning the delivery of a session
  • Delivering a session (practical session with group of nursery children)
  • Opportunity for evaluation, feedback and next steps.

3. Play on Pedals Instructor Trainer training

The Play on Pedals Instructor Trainer course is available for Play on Pedals Instructors who have successfully delivered a full 8 week programme to preschoolers and have had a session observed by an existing Play on Pedals Instructor Trainer.

The course will enable those awarded as Instructor Trainers to deliver the Instructor training day to other adults. It will cover:

  • Reflection upon experience as a candidate Instructor
  • Successful delivery methods for training adults
  • Opportunities for practical delivery of training to Instructors
  • How to encourage positive feedback and individual development
  • Understanding local resources and logistical coordination of training days.

Please contact Matt Wilberton at Cycling Scotland for further information on these courses –