Get Involved

If your early years group is interested in training staff to become Play on Pedals Instructors then please get in touch and we can provide you with information about our regular free training days.  We will then try to assist you with locating bikes for you to loan from other nurseries or Hero Organisations.  Alternatively, information about what style of bike to buy for your nursery can be found here – 2017-12-06 PoP Cycle Specification sheet

Play on Pedals works with ‘hero organisations’.  These are community organisations such as nurseries, community groups and local bike shops involved in delivering the project, in ways such as supporting maintenance, providing local information, distributing bikes, hosting training and promoting Play on Pedals. For more information about Hero Organisations close to you, please visit the Hero Organisation page on the website.

If you are a parent or person looking to volunteer with Play on Pedals, there are ways in which you can support the project without needing to have early years experience – for example assisting Instructors and helping with bike maintenance. You may wish to contact your local nursery to see if they are participating in the project and if they need any volunteer help.

For information about events and drop-in sessions across the city, please visit our Facebook page or Twitter page for up to date listings.  For information on what a Drop-in Session is, can be found here

Please contact Play on Pedals for more information about how to get involved.