Family Bike Workshops

Would you like to transport your family by bike but just don’t know where to start – or are you looking to graduate from a bike seat to a trailer or a tandem?

Do you know your trailer from your tagalong and your bike seat from your bakfiets?

Worried a new addition to the family might put a crimp in your pedalling style?

Our Bike Curious Family Workshops will help you get pedalling with children on board! Come along and meet experienced cycling families to try out various solutions and get the real low down on cycling with kids.

You’ll be able to try out a range of equipment, from both front and back mounted baby seats to trailers and tag-alongs, plus even a cargo bike or two!

Details of times and venues will be updated when regulations allow.

2 thoughts on “Family Bike Workshops

  1. Hello. Just found out about this and really interested as I think we’d like to get a cargo bike but we’re in Newcastle upon Tyne and there aren’t many stockists around at all! We can’t come this Sunday but maybe the next one. Could you tell me which cargo bikes you’d have available to try pls? We have twins so need models that can carry 2. Many thanks.

    1. Hello,
      Apologies – I’ve just discovered your message here.
      We have a Dolly e-cargo bike and a Winther Cargoo e-cargo trike. My 3 year old twin nieces fit well in both of them and it’s really just a matter of preference as to which style folks prefer.
      If you haven’t made it along yet, we’ll be running on the second Sunday of each month until October, 10-12 at Bangholm. The bikes will also be out and about with us at various events throughout the year. (This Sunday 16th, on a family ride from Leith Links to Portobello Prom, starting at 10am.)
      For future correspondence, please contact me at and I’ll be able to reply more quickly.
      Kind regards,

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